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Who can benefit from reflexology?

Each individual may react differently to Reflexology. Below are just some of the benefits you may experience after a treatment:

- feeling a true sense of calm and relaxation
- improved sleep
- release of tension
- improved mood
- a sense of vitality and wellbeing

How many treatments will I need?

It all depends on your condition. One treatment in itself is a wonderful stress relieving, relaxing experience. Chronic conditions may take at least 6 to 8, and in some cases a few more. For someone with a skin condition such as eczema for example, depending on the severity of it, they will need somewhere in between 4-8 weekly treatments. The number of treatments someone needs is very individual, depending on their condition.

How long does a full reflexology session take?

Allow 1 hour 45 minutes for your first treatment as this includes a consultation and 1 hour 15 minutes for subsequent appointments.

How does Reflexology work?

The treatment works by applying pressure with the fingers and thumbs to specific points on the feet or hands which correspond to various parts of the body. By working on these ‘reflex’ points, it’s believed that reflexology can boost the body’s own healing energy and may relieve blockages in the flow of energy, restoring calm and better overall wellbeing.

Are treatments safe for everyone?

Almost everyone can enjoy the benefits of Reflexology, from babies to the elderly but there are some contra-indications where I will not be able to treat, these include;

if you are due to have any tests, procedures or surgery;
if you have an acute infection or disease,
if you have undiagnosed pain, thrombosis,
phlebitis or gangrene,
after a heavy meal,
unstable heart condition
and chronic cellulitis.

Please contact me if you are unsure.

Can reflexology help children?

Yes, children can benefit from a Reflexology. Depending on the age and patience of a child, they may need a shorter treatment (priced accordingly). A child under 16, by law, needs to have a parent in the room at all times. Any problem should have been medically investigated.

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I can highly recommend Toni, I have had a problem with insomnia for several years and have tried many remedies or treatments with little effect. A course of reflexology with Toni had fantastic results, and was also a lovely relaxing experience in itself. Toni’s calming character played a large part in creating the right environment for its success.
- Victoria - East Molesey

A friend recommended Toni so I made an appointment for a treatment to combat psoriasis and to ease shoulder pain after an injury. Both are so much better after just 2 sessions. She has an amazing talent and her treatment room is beautiful... such positive vibes. Thank you Toni.
- Sally

I have had the most amazing improvements in physical symptoms post reflexology with Toni. I had weekly reflexology for a few weeks and found it stopped my migraines, reduced my back and neck pain by 80%, and helped me get to sleep and stay asleep amongst improving many other symptoms. I noticed the difference when it stopped over the summer with a return of some of these so have a monthly (at least) ‘top up’ with Toni.
Thank you, - Ruth (late 40s..)

Toni is amazing! My son’s feet were in a terrible state with red and raw eczema and after years of horrible and largely ineffective steroid cream treatment prescribed by the GP in desperation I consulted Toni. She treated Luca for 6 weeks and I cannot tell you the difference it made. His feet went from itchy and scabby ( so much so that he found it difficult to do PE at school) to soft and comfortable. I would recommend Toni without reservation. He also suffers badly with hay fever from March until October every year and I can honestly say he has never had his symptoms so under control as this year with Toni’s help.
Highly recommended.
- Oorla

I had a course of treatments and can honestly say it made a huge difference. Toni is dedicated and utterly professional. Her treatments are so relaxing I often found myself sound asleep halfway through. I have no hesitation in highly recommending her.
- Zoe

I have just had a wonderful reflexology session with Toni. Wow! I feel so relaxed, calm and “equal”. You are really wow! Thank you. Highly recommend
- Katharine

I recently finished my course of reflexology treatments with Toni to treat a variety of symptoms including stress, insomnia and anxiety. From the first treatment Toni gave me I started to notice a huge difference in how I was feeling, and when confronted with a stressful or difficult situation I unknowingly became able to deal with it. I work in London for a finance company and the pace and intensity of it has created a number of issues with my sleep and managing my stress levels. These symptoms were alleviated during the course of the treatments I received from Toni. I was recommended to see a reflexologist by a homeopath I saw some time ago who advised of it’s benefits with symptoms like mine - it wasn’t something I had thought of doing before but I am now totally converted. Toni is lovely, warm, and the moment you are there you feel relaxed. She instantly puts you at ease and is highly professional, and even though I am very ticklish I was so relaxed I barely flinched! I highly recommend Toni and feel comforted by the fact I will go back and be treated successfully in the future when I need a boost! Thank you so much Toni for getting me back on track.
- Julia

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